By: Vince Lombardi

Leamsi Acuna has emerged as one of the top Unsigned Seniors (2023) in Arizona, and she is quickly garnering attention from colleges that are being depleted by the Transfer Portal or that are needing to fill open roster spots. Leamsi’s story is compelling and her basketball journey is unlike any other top player in the state. 

Acuna’s High School Career started at Flowing Wells High School with Head Coach Mike Perkins. She helped lead the team to two consecutive State Championship appearances in her Sophomore and Junior years. Her Senior Year, she enrolled at PHH Prep in Phoenix to elevate her status and pursue a path to better scholarship opportunities. Unfortunately, it did not work out for Acuna at PHH and she was at a crossroads. 

Leamsi is hyper focused right now on preparing for the upcoming NCAA Certified Live Events this summer to show off her skills in front of college coaches. She is betting on herself that the right opportunity will present itself and she will be playing college basketball somewhere next season while pursuing her degree. 

Leamsi is one of the most complete point guards that I have seen in the last several years. She has a tremendous basketball IQ, which for a point guard is critical. She also has great ball handling skills. She creates opportunities with her ball handling that gets her open shots or gets her teammates open shots.  She can shoot mid-range jump shots and pull up jumpers and floaters. Most kids these days like to stand behind the 3-point line and wait for the ball. Leamsi is a creator. She can hit the 3-point shot, but she is electrifying when she is driving and creating. 

Leamsi did not have your typical start like most high-level basketball players at her age. “I was into gymnastics when I was a kid and really didn’t start playing basketball seriously until the 8th grade.” Acuna said. Leamsi picked up the game quickly and credits her parents as her biggest inspiration and the main reason for her success to this point. “The biggest influence in my life has been my parents. They have always been there for me, supporting me in whatever I am doing,” she says. She also credits her Personal Trainer Joshua Villareal for honing her skills and taking her game to another level and being a mentor for her to look up to. 

Leamsi has had an incredible journey to this point with some highs and some lows, but she feels that going through difficult times will help prepare her for the challenges that will come her way in life. “My goal right now is to earn a college basketball scholarship and pursue a Nursing degree.” 

College recruiting is very volatile right now with the Transfer Portal and NIL deals. Unfortunately, that affects the recruiting of high school seniors. Leamsi’s recruiting has been affected by these issues as well, but it is only a matter of time that she finds the right school and the right program for the next phase of her career. Stay tuned.