By: George Courtney

The Summer Invitational was one of the top events to start the scholastic season because of the variety of different teams and collection of talent from multiple levels all in one place. Many local college coaches and the WBA (Women’s Basketball Association) commissioner  were in attendance to scout the talent. Here is part two of the standout series:

Devae Willie 2025 5-6 Guard Window Rock

Willie is a playmaker with a good motor. She plays scrappy on both ends of the floor. Willie has a trigger from long range but also knows how to get down hill to the hoop. She forms a three headed monster alongside teammates Tso and Brown which makes their team a contender for the 3A North Region Title and State Title.

Isabella Molina 2024 5-4 Point Guard Cibola

Molina is one of the keys on why Cibola will be successful this season. She is a solid floor general who controls the tempo of the game. Molina has good scoring ability and looks to get her teammates involved. Colleges if you are needing a floor general with good decision making and leadership, Molina would be a fantastic pickup for you. 

Jayme Tso 2024 5-7 Guard Window Rock

A three level score who plays with a good feel for the game. Tso is a potent scorer who has decent length and size to emerge as one of the better guards in 3A. She thrives in transition which makes her team a matchup nightmare as the Scouts are one of my favorites to be a contender in 3A. 

Luz Marian 2026 6-0 Wing Raymond Kellis (pictured)

Marian transferred over from PhH Prep due to their program being shut down. Marian forms a formidable duo with starting point guard Shan Mallory which instantly makes Kellis a playoff contender. Marian is long and utilizes her length and athleticism to get to the basket or disrupt passing lanes. She is a huge pickup for Kellis High School and Marian teamed up with Mallory makes one of my favorite sophomore duos in the state.

Shanielle Mallory 2026 5-4 Point Guard Raymond Kellis (pictured)

Mallory is an extremely talented floor general. She is another prospect who’s game has grown on me because of the maturity and leadership she exhibits on the court. A potent scorer, Mallory can break down defenders to finish inside, pull up from mid-range or hit shots from the perimeter. She is only scratching the surface of her potential and I anticipate her to have a huge sophomore campaign this Winter.

Sierra Bomhower 2024 5-10 Wing Cibola

Bomhower’s game has grown on me over the last few years. A solid playmaker who knows how to strike the iron when it’s hot. This young lady will be a solid pickup for a college as she has good length, defends and good three level scoring ability. Coaches get this young lady on your radar.