By: George Courtney

The more I covered this event, the more the talent grew on me. California has so many big time prospects, it is hard but exciting to keep up. Here are some of the top performers who caught my attention:

Jhai Johnson 2026 6-3 Guard Oakland Tech (CA)

A lanky guard with a nice shooting stroke and quick release. Johnson impressed me with her size and athletic ability. I expect her recruiting stock to grow since she is only going to be a sophomore. She has a good feel for the game and IQ. A fluid guard who gets to the rim using her long reach. College coaches get involved early!

Jordan Taylor 2024 5-7 Guard Oakland Tech (CA)

She emerged as the senior leader. In order for Oakland Tech to make a deep playoff run, Taylor needs to lead. Taylor is a three level scorer who makes the right play. She’s a smart playmaker on both ends of the floor. Another prospect to keep on eye on as she has huge upside.

Kaela Stancil-Williams 2024 5-5 Guard McClatchy (CA)

Stancil-Williams is a crafty three level scoring guard. Being a triple threat offensively makes her extremely potent. She displayed her range several times in the game I scouted her. For colleges needing a certified bucket, look no further as Stancil-Williams can flat out get buckets and competes at a high level. Another solid prospect that I observed!

Nina Cain 2025 6-1 Guard McClatchy (CA)

Cain impressed me as she is extremely talented on both sides of the ball. A three level scorer who is a matchup nightmare due to her length and size. Defensively she has catlike reflexes and great anticipation to disrupt the passing lanes. She was probably one of the better defenders of the entire event. A high major prospect that should rack up more offers.

Norret Lewis 2025 5-9 Wing McClatchy (CA)

An athletic downhill wing, Lewis was a solid defensive stopper for her team. Her athletic ability and strength make her a force on the defensive end as she is able to lock up opponents and gather rebounds. Offensively she uses her size to bully her way to the rim. Another prospect to keep an eye on this upcoming season.

Terri’A Russell 2026 6-0 Guard Oakland Tech (CA)

A big guard with a solid motor. Russell has a tight handle and uses her athleticism to blast past opponents to finish at the rim. I like her motor as she can go 0-100 really quick on both ends of the floor. Another prospect who is just scratching the surface of her potential. A big athletic guard with high upside.