This event is one of the top girls basketball events in the country as it is loaded with the next up and coming prospects. Fresh Faces continues to impress as the event was filled with future division 1 prospects. Here are the 2027 prospects who caught my attention:

Arielle Boyd 5-5 Point Guard

Boyd is a shifty guard with tight handles. She utilizes her quickness and athleticism on both ends of the floor. With continued development she will be a prospect to keep an eye on. 

Ella Bibbins 5-7 Guard

Bibbins has great playmaking ability. She makes an impact on the game by doing the little things for her team like going after 50/50 balls or defensive plays. I like her demeanor as she looks to go hard on every possession.

Faith Sartor 6-2 Wing

Sartor is a long wing who utilizes her length to deflect passes and shots. She has good range and feel for the game. Sartor has good upside since she has the tools to have a successful career with continued development. 

Jayla Forbes 6-7 Center

A good size center with soft touch, low post scoring, and mid range ability is a high major prospect. Forbes cleans the glass on both ends, runs the floor, and has a very high ceiling. She will be one of the most sought after prospects over time as she has the size and potential.

Jaylee Moore 6-1 Post

A post who competes hard inside and makes her presence known. She cleans the glass on both ends of the floor and seems to be at the right place at the right time to get 2nd and 3rd chance points. Moore put on a solid performance all weekend as a walking double-double. 

Jordyn Nohr 5-9 Guard

Nohr is an impact player who flat out makes plays on both ends of the floor. She competes hard on both ends of the floor and showed solid three level scoring ability. Nohr will be a prospect to watch as she already possesses a good skill set.

Justice Kekauoha 5-3 Point Guard

Kekauoha has a strong frame and looks to do the little things to impact the game. She defends at a high level and looks to be in the play. On the defensive end, she plays fearless and looks to dive after loose balls and tie up opponents for jump balls. An unselfish player who is just scratching the surface of her potential. 

KeaOnna Worley 5-8 Guard

Worley does a good job in creating space to get off a shot for herself. She can handle the ball which assists her in navigating through traffic. I like her ability to finish at the rim. Worley can flat out go and I like her potential.

Kelan Payne 6-1 Wing

Payne has good length and reach which makes her an intriguing prospect as she has good potential and upside. Her skill set allows her to play both on the perimeter and inside. I like how she is active on the glass on both ends of the floor.

Keleesa Howard 5-8 Guard

Howard has a good handle and defends pretty well. I was impressed with her strength and athletic ability. She plays fearless and will be a prospect to keep a tab on as she has a high ceiling to develop.

Love Forde 6-2 Post

Forde is a solid rim protector as she displayed the ability to guard anyone in the paint, block shots, and clean the glass. I was impressed as she can score from the perimeter as well as inside. Another big time prospect to keep a tab on. 

Nylah Webster 5-9 Combo Guard

Webster is an athletic guard who passed the eye test with her skill set. She has good scoring ability from all three levels. Webster has a tight handle and shows she can not only score but facilitate as a floor general.  Another prospect to keep an eye on. 

Nyleigh Gregory 5-6 Guard

Gregory is an athletic guard with an active motor and great IQ. I like how she attacks on both ends of the floor and handles the rock. Her athleticism helps her thrive in transition. I like her platform and expect her to be a solid prospect over time.

Ramie Chatman 5-8 Combo Guard

Chatman is a dominant combo guard who competes hard on both ends of the floor. A three level scorer with microwave tendencies. She can heat up and get buckets as needed. I enjoy watching her compete as her game is continuing to evolve. Another prospect whose stock will continue to climb. 

Tiera McCarthy 5-9 Guard

McCarthy is a shifty guard with a tight handle. She utilizes her quickness and athletic ability to thrive in transition. She has the ability to control the tempo and navigate the floor. McCarthy is another prospect who is just scratching the surface of her potential.

Ze’ni Patterson 5-8 Guard

Patterson is one of my favorite guard prospects to watch. She is athletic and quick. I like how she pushes the tempo and can finish at the rim. A ball hawking defender, Patterson knows how to apply pressure to cause opponents to have bad possessions. Another prospect to keep an eye on as I project her to have a great high school career.

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