When I got into scouting, I wanted to take a different approach. Yes, I will cover the top talent however I embrace challenges. The challenge that I decided to take on is discovering under the radar talent, helping market that talent to college coaches, and supporting the student athlete through their entire recruiting process. New for the 2023-2024 season is my under the radar report.

This report is an inspiration from one of my mentors, Kameo Williams (Gems in the Gym), Kam operates one of the top Fall Camps in the Country out in Oakland. He does a fantastic job in discovering those hidden gems, creating a platform to promote, market, and showcase that talent. Here is one of my first prospects to kick off this report:

Diamond Stevenson is one of the best available prospects still on the board in the 2024 class. The 5’9 playmaking guard is a superior athlete who can defend all 94 feet. Her cat-like reflexes, anticipation, elite athleticism, and IQ make her one of the better perimeter defenders in the state.

I like Stevenson’s offensive game as she gets downhill at will and finishes at the rim or could pull up to hit the mid-range jumper. Her playmaking ability and athleticism are two of the reasons I am really high on this prospect. I feel she would be a fantastic pickup for a smaller division 2 program needing an athletic guard who defends and makes plays. 

Last season, she averaged 12.2 points/game, 6.6 rebounds/game, 1.1 assists/game and 2.6 steals/game. I anticipate her numbers to go up as she will have an expanded role on both ends of the floor this season. College Coaches I highly suggest you get involved early as I anticipate more schools to get involved.

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