The staff at GC3 Hoops made the 5 hour journey from Phoenix to Fort Defiance on December 13 to cover the Gallup (NM) versus Window Rock matchup. Before making the trip, we contacted Northern Arizona Hoops Guru Christian Kolesar to be our guide. The trip was wonderful as Northern Arizona has the most beautiful landscape in the world with lush greenery and breathtaking views of the mountains. 

Besides scenic landscape, Window Rock has the Bee Holdzil Fighting Scouts Event Center which can hold 6,500 people. The facility is state of the art and probably the nicest high school venue that I have been to. Unfortunately, due to the cold weather, the arena was only at 50% capacity which is still very impressive and created an electric atmosphere. Here are the student athletes who caught my attention:

Melicia Nelson 2024 5-9 Guard Window Rock

Nelson is an exceptional and versatile prospect who consistently performs at a top-tier level. With the ability to excel in both guard positions, she adeptly orchestrates plays and scores effectively from all areas of the court. I was thoroughly impressed by her remarkable playmaking skills. Nelson is undoubtedly a promising prospect with immense potential, making her an excellent candidate for low major plus programs.

Alysha Slinkey 2025 5-3 Guard Gallup (NM)

Slinkey is a scoring guard who skillfully haunts opposing defenses with her elusive three-level scoring ability. Her exceptional court awareness and high basketball IQ make her a valuable asset to any team. Additionally, Slinkey consistently contributes on the defensive end, executing the little things that ultimately lead to her team’s success. Another sleeper prospect who will wake up college recruiters. 

Kayden Tsosie 2027 6-0 Forward Gallup (NM)

Tsosie possesses an exceptional basketball IQ, which caught my attention. I like her offensive skill set in low post scoring ability and mid-range. Notably, she excels as a rim protector, and it is evident that her best years are yet to come. Undoubtedly, Tsosie is a hidden gem with immense potential and a promising future ahead.

Mykeia Vicenti 2027 5-3 Point Guard Gallup (NM)

   A crafty point guard, equipped with exceptional ball handling skills. She possesses the ability to effortlessly maneuver through opposing defenses, and facilitate her teammates for scoring position. A truly athletic guard, she possesses the talent to lock up the entire 94 feet. Another highly promising prospect with tremendous upside.

Rylie Whitehair 2025 6-3 Center Gallup (NM)

Whitehair is an exceptionally skilled post player, showcasing her ability to score effectively from all three levels. Her impeccable footwork makes her a force to be reckoned with on the court. Not only does she excel in protecting the rim, but she also dominates the glass on both ends of the floor. It is undeniable that Whitehair is a highly promising prospect, deserving of attention at the low major plus level.

Devae Willie 2025 5-7 Guard Window Rock

Willie is a versatile combo guard whose skill set greatly complements her team. She consistently contributes in various aspects of the game, effectively filling up the stat sheet. I particularly admire her exceptional ability to navigate the court without the ball, showcasing her high basketball IQ. Undoubtedly, Willie is a sleeper prospect who deserves close attention.

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