The Nike Tournament of Champions kicked off this week at Arizona Athletic Grounds. The event was filled with talent from 112 teams in 7 brackets. The event was refreshing as I was able to evaluate out of state and in state talent. Here are some of the top performers from Day 2:

Cydnee Bryant 2026 6-4 Post Corona Centennial

Bryant is an imposing presence on the court, utilizing her size to exhaust her opponents. I was genuinely impressed by her remarkable scoring skills, particularly in the midrange and low post areas. With further refinement and growth, she undoubtedly has the potential to become one of the most highly sought-after prospects on the West Coast.

 Morgan Cheli 2024 6-2 Guard Archbishop Mitty

The UConn commit certainly lived up to expectations, leaving no room for disappointment. She captivated the audience with a remarkable display of scoring prowess across all three levels of the court. On the defensive end, she exhibited great activity on the glass and effectively utilized her exceptional basketball IQ to disrupt her opponents.

Noelle Bofia 2026 6-4 Center Xavier College Prep

Bofia has demonstrated significant growth since the previous season. As one of my top nominations for the most improved player, she has become a dominant force in the paint, excelling on both ends of the floor. It is anticipated that her recruitment will intensify during the spring, as the search for talented post prospects becomes increasingly challenging.

Morgan Hawkins 2024 5-7 Point Guard Corona Centennial

Hawkins is an exceptional athlete. She possesses the remarkable ability to score at all three levels, effortlessly making the perfect play when the pressure is on. Her energy is simply infectious, and she is undoubtedly a hidden gem with immense potential.

Sarah Miller 2024 5-10 Guard Xavier College Prep

The Penn commit is undoubtedly one of the most promising guard prospects in the 2024 class. With exceptional basketball intelligence and elite scoring ability, she stands out. In my honest opinion, Penn has hit the lottery by signing her, as she is bound to leave a significant impact at the next level. Miller’s presence on the court is pivotal to Xavier’s pursuit of the Open Division Championship, as she adds yet another formidable scoring threat for opponents to deal with.

Dominique Nesland 2024 5-10 Point Guard Xavier College Prep

Under-hyped? That’s perfectly fine. I vividly recall receiving a call from her skills trainer, urging me to witness her talent firsthand and pen down my thoughts. Without a shadow of a doubt, Nesland emerged as an exceptional floor general, and I was truly grateful for the chance to assess her abilities. She possesses the remarkable ability to score from all three levels, expertly facilitate the game, and make impressive plays. High Point truly struck gold with her commitment. Nesland is undoubtedly a strong contender for my prestigious big school player of the year award.

Aniyah Offutt 2024 5-6 Guard Corona Centennial

Offutt is an exceptionally athletic guard who gets to the cup. Her remarkable athleticism immediately caught my attention, along with her tenacity, exceptional ball handling, and ability to score through contact. She is truly a hidden gem with tremendous upside.

Jasmine Olivar 2024 5-6 Guard Xavier College Prep

Olivar is one of my favorite prospects in the 2024 class due to her exceptional skills and contributions to her team’s success. She is a versatile player who excels in various aspects of the game, making her an invaluable asset. Olivar’s ability to score at all three levels and create opportunities for her teammates will undoubtedly play a crucial role in Xavier’s deep playoff run. Her dedication to doing the little things really makes her an intriguing sleeper prospect.

Naomi Panganiban 2024 5-7 Point Guard La Jolla Country Day 

I am not surprised that Panganiban has chosen to commit to San Diego State, given her exceptional talent. Her style of play can be likened to skillfully maneuvering through a treacherous minefield, where explosions can occur unexpectedly in different areas. As a point guard, she possesses a remarkable basketball IQ, elite ball handling skills, the ability to facilitate plays, and a knack for scoring. 

Mei-Ling Perry 2026 5-10 Guard La Jolla Country Day

Perry is a stout guard prospect who exhibits an assertive playing style. She possesses a relentless motor on both offense and defense. Perry adeptly utilizes her stature and strength to attack the basket. I was particularly impressed by her exceptional finishing skills and proficiency in mid-range scoring. Perry is an outstanding candidate for a mid-major university, showcasing immense potential for growth and development.

Kamil Reid 2024 5-8 Guard Carondelet 

Reid is an exceptional and highly promising guard prospect, known for her remarkable athleticism and ability to effectively shut down opponents. Her outstanding court awareness and exceptional playmaking skills make her a valuable asset to any team. As the season progresses, it is expected that Reid’s recruiting stock will soar, as more and more coaches recognize her immense talent and potential.

Sophia Ross 2027 5-7 Point Guard Carondelet

Ross has an exceptional ability to knock down shots from long range. Her scoring ability across all three levels is truly impressive. What truly sets her apart is her remarkable toughness, as she fearlessly plays physical and consistently finishes through contact. Ross is undoubtedly a big-time prospect with an incredibly high ceiling. College coaches get involved early!

Brynn Smith 2025 6-0 Guard Willamette

Smith is an impressive guard prospect whose game has truly grown on me. She possesses a high basketball IQ and consistently makes the right play at the opportune moment. One aspect that particularly stands out to me is her exceptional ability to skillfully slice and dice past opponents while handling the ball. Additionally, she is active on the glass on both ends of the floor. Overall, Smith is a solid low major plus prospect deserving of recognition.

Keshia Vitalicio 2024 5-9 Point Guard Carondelet

Vitalicio is truly captivating to observe. She possesses an exceptional understanding and intelligence for the game, which adds to the enjoyment of watching her play. Notably, Vitalicio exhibits remarkable scoring abilities across all three levels of the court. It is worth mentioning that she has made significant strides in enhancing her skills since my initial evaluation on her during the summer. However, what truly stands out to me is her remarkable ability to elevate the performance of her teammates. Vitalicio’s presence on the court undeniably brings out the best in those around her. Lehigh got a great future point guard in Vitalicio.

Harper Wagner 2025 6-0 Wing Willamette

Wagner is a formidable guard who significantly influences the game through her exceptional scoring across all three levels and her adept playmaking abilities. I was genuinely impressed by her remarkable guard skills, which undoubtedly make her an outstanding prospect for low major plus universities.

Maddy Warberg 2025 6-0 Guard Willamette

Warberg has recently committed verbally to the University of Nevada. In my opinion, she is an exceptional addition to the Wolfpack team due to her impressive range, scoring prowess, and high basketball IQ. As a taller guard, she presents mismatches for her opponents, and her commendable habit of consistently following her shot provides her team with valuable scoring opportunities even on missed attempts.

Mahlia Washington 2026 5-11 Guard La Jolla Country Day

Washington is a highly agile player who exhibits exceptional movement off the ball. Her remarkable intelligence quotient provides her with a distinct advantage over unsuspecting opponents. Additionally, she possesses an impressive work ethic and excels in both defensive and offensive transitions. College coaches would be wise to closely monitor her progress as she emerges as a promising prospect.

McKenna Woliczko 2026 6-2 Forward Archbishop Mitty

I had the pleasure of scouting Woliczko prior to her freshman year. Observing her game is truly invigorating, as she demonstrates a strong foundation and a genuine desire to contribute and make plays that position her team for victory. In my opinion, ESPN should consider ranking her significantly higher, given the immense value she brings to the team with her dominant presence in the paint, exceptional rebounding skills, and proficiency in both inside scoring and mid-range shots. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she possesses the potential to become a professional player in the future.

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