By: George Courtney

One of Arizona’s top 2023 prospects, Mia Davis, has signed with San Diego State. Davis started her prep career at Xavier College Prep before transferring to Dream City Christian. Injuries have plagued the last two years of her high school career however, she has made leaps in bounds in recovering. 

I feel San Diego State won the lottery in landing Davis as she is a matchup nightmare as a 6 foot shooting guard. A physical downhill guard, Davis utilizes her size and length to blast towards finishing inside the paint. She also has solid scoring ability from mid and long range. Overall her athleticism and toughness is what sold me and her high basketball IQ. 

Davis utilizes her length, strength, physicality, and quickness to lock up opponents or disrupt passing lanes. Overall she is crafty on both ends of the floor and has the toughness and strength to guard bigger opponents yet will take them off the dribble to create scoring opportunities. I am excited to watch her continue her journey at San Diego State as I anticipate a huge comeback for her in the 2023-2024 season.

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