By: George Courtney

Native American Jr. Nationals draw in the premier talent from around the country which makes this the best event for Native American Student-Athletes. Tribe Athletics continues to elevate to new levels as its events draw hundreds of teams and thousands of people craving the best in rez ball. Here are some of the prospects who stood out:

Charlie Contraro 2031 Guard Young Warriors 

Playing up with the older prospects, Contraro impressed me as she has an IQ and skill set of an older more experienced prospect. She has great ball handling and a potent scoring ability. Contraro has a high ceiling and will be a prospect to keep a tab on.

Koraline Jumper-Burns 2031 Guard Lady Rebels YNAB

A tough-nosed guard prospect, Jumper-Burns plays at an aggressive pace. She looks to attack on both ends. Jumper-Burns is a solid slashing guard who looks to get downhill and finish at the rim. I liked her ability to defend as it improves her upside.

Malia Yazzie 2028 Guard Zona Soldiers

I have been watching Yazzie over the last few years. She has been improving and developing her skill level. A combo guard, Yazzie has an extremely high basketball IQ. She makes the right play at the right time on both ends of the floor. Yazzie has great scoring ability and tremendous upside. A prospect to keep a tab on from now and into the future.

Tatum Upshaw 2029 Wing Lady Rebels YNAB

Upshaw caught my attention with her ability to knock down the deep ball from three point range. She is long enough to play the wing position and displayed pretty good passing ability. Another prospect to keep an eye on as she has tremendous upside.