The GC3 Hoops Spring Warm Up had a lot of gem prospects. The event may not have been a tournament however the precisely ran team showcase provided exposure 2nd to none as teams got to play in front of myself and other regional scouts in attendance. Here are some of the prospects who stood out:

Malia Antonio Zona Soldiers 2027 5-10 Wing

Antonio can play both forward positions. She has soft touch to finish on the inside and uses her strength and size to bully opponents. Besides her inside scoring ability she can stretch the floor and hit shots from long range. A coach’s daughter, she has a very high basketball IQ. She will be a prospect to watch in the coming years. 

Layla Flores Free Agents 2025 5-8 Guard

Flores is an electric guard who can play both guard positions. She has a quick and explosive first step which allows her to attack the opposition without warning. Flores has good athleticism and I anticipate her to have a big spring and summer.

Isabella Illingworth Arizona Grind 2027 6-2 Post

Illingworth is an impressive post prospect who is athletic, can score at all three levels. She does a great job in protecting the paint, rebounding, and scoring on the inside. Illingworth is an intriguing under the radar prospect with tremendous upside. With continued development she will be a nice mid-major prospect over time.

Macy Johnson Zona Soldiers 2025 5-7 Guard

Johnson is a solid combo guard who has a good handle, IQ, vision, and three level scoring ability. She was one of the reason’s Red Mountain had a successful season this past school season. I anticipate Johnson will generate a lot of offers this spring and summer.

Kylee Juan SWP 15U EYCL 2026 5-9 Forward

Juan is a solid post player who has a good feel for the game. She compliments her team with her ability to rebound, protect the paint, and score. Opponents need to be careful as she not only can score inside, she can space the floor and hit the perimeter shot if forgotten about. One of my favorite sleeper prospects in the 2026 class. 

Ryley Lloyds Bella Vista 2025 5-7 Guard

Lloyds impressed me with her length, motor, range and basketball IQ. She is an under the radar off-ball guard who has good three level scoring ability. She plays extremely tough on both ends of the floor. A solid player who plays with precision and within the system.

Erica McGadney Free Agents 2025 5-11 Forward

McGadney impressed me with her length and athletic ability. She is a crafty playmaker on both ends of the floor. Her athleticism and size makes her an intriguing find. I expect her stock to rise into the summer as the viewing period kicks off this weekend.

Shanon McIlory SWP 15U EYCL 2027 5-3 Point Guard

McIlory is one of my favorite floor generals of the event. She has a tight handle and good vision. She looks to get to the cup at will to either score or drop dimes. A reliable point guard with tremendous upside. I anticipate she will be one of the better floor generals in the 2027 class. 

Paisy Perkins Free Agents 2026 6’1 Forward

Perkins has the skills and athletic ability to play both forward positions. She has time to develop and grow however I believe her recruiting stock should start to jump into the summer. Perkins is a downhill prospect who can finish at the rim and hit the midrange shot. She is strong and tough enough to guard the perimeter and the paint. 

Alondra Reyes Free Agents 2025 5’11 Post

Reyes has a solid inside presence as she is able to protect the paint and rebound. She has a good motor and solid finishing ability around the rim. A low major prospect, Reyes stock should start to climb especially in Arizona since there are not many post prospects available. 

Kayden Tsosie Zona Soldiers 2027 5-10 Post

Tsosie is one of my favorite post players out of the Four Corners Area. I was able to see her play earlier in the Winter Season at Gallup High School. She has good size and athletic ability to protect the paint and clean the glass. Tsosie has good scoring ability from inside and the mid range. Another sleeper prospect with good upside. 

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