The Gems In The Gym platform continues to elevate opportunities for female student athletes. The event took place at Fremont High School in Oakland, CA. Athletes from middle school through high school competed in the event. Kameo Williams does a phenomenal job in collecting the best talent from around the country. It is a pleasure to be one of the guest evaluators for this elite event. Here are the rising star prospects who stood out:

Frankie Steffes 2028 6-0 Wing HUI

Steffes is a three level scorer who can light it up from long range. She is one of the better catch and shoot prospects of the entire event. Steffes can also hit the mid range and finish inside. A solid prospect with a great ceiling.

Jayla Lackey 2028 6-3 Post ML Enforcers

A southpaw, Lackey used her size, aggression, and athleticism to bully her way against opponents. Another prospect with a great platform and high ceiling. I anticipate her stock to continue to rise into her high school career. 

Jenelle Solis 2028 5-3 Point Guard GITG Select

Solis is a crafty floor general with a tight handle. She has great vision and decision making as she looks to put her teammates in scoring positions. She is quick and utilizes her skillset to be a pesky defender. A sleeper prospect to keep an eye on.

Kendall Dawkins 2028 6-0 Wing ML Enforcers

An athletic playmaker who thrives in filling transition lanes and getting down hill. Dawkins’ quickness and ability to finish will haunt her opponents. She has the motor and can flat out go. Another solid prospect with tremendous upside.

Kyoko Beasley 2028 5-9 Combo Guard GITG Select

Beasley is an athletic combo guard who can flat out go. She has a good motor and uses her relentlessness to disrupt passing lanes to create transition scoring opportunities for herself or her teammates. Beasley is a three level scorer who is dangerous to leave open. She has a high ceiling!

Love Lei Best 2028 5-6 Point Guard ML Enforcers

Best is a crafty floor general who controls the tempo. She can go 0 to 100 pretty quick and has good ball handling skills. Best facilitates and compliments her team well. Another prospect for colleges to keep a tab on.

Lulu Giometti 2028 5-8 Guard Bay City

Giometti is cool, calm, and collected. She plays with confidence and has a good IQ and feel for the game. Giometti has good athleticism and can hit open shots from all three levels. A solid prospect with a great ceiling and upside. 

Maddie Poe 2028 5-9 Guard HUI

Poe is an athletic playmaker who gets after it on defense. She has good three level scoring ability and can hit shots if left open. She competes hard on both ends of the floor and is a solid sleeper prospect to keep a tab on.

Maliya Hunter 2028 6-1 Wing GITG Select

A lengthy wing who has quick reaction time to ball hawk and pick off passes. Hunter impressed me with her ability to lock up from 94 feet and run the floor end to end. Her length and athleticism devistates opposing teams as she looks to get down hill and attack the rim on offense. Another big time prospect on the rise.

Niylah Christopher 2028 5-7 Forward GITG Select

A solid small forward prospect who has range and plays aggressive inside. She rebounds and plays tough on both ends of the floor. A physical wing prospect who utilizes her toughness and strength to create opportunities on both ends of the floor.

Olivia Barron 2028 6-3 Post ML Enforcers

Barron impressed me with her inside presence. She is active on the glass on both ends of the floor. Her size and ability to rim run makes her a matchup nightmare for defenses. An active shot blocker, I project her to be a double-double machine as her career blossoms into her high school years. 

Payton Webster 2029 5-9 Combo Guard ML Enforcers

Webster is a great looking combo guard prospect who can flat out go! She has a tight handle which helps her navigate through traffic and can facilitate. Besides that she can hit shots from long range. Another prospect for colleges to keep an eye on.

Sofia Barrientos 2028 5-5 Guard Bay City

Barrientos is a fire that opposing teams may have a hard time putting out. She has a tight handle which helps her navigate the floor, and looks to put the team on her back to help them compete. While watching her play, I wished I had brought my umbrella as she made it rain with a barrage of made buckets from all over the floor. A smart guard with tremendous upside!

Talithakoum (Princess) Poialii-Hunkin 2028 6-0 Forward GITG Select

Poialii-Hunkin is a strong forward capable of playing the small and power forward positions. She devastates opponents as she is extremely aggressive and plays with no fear. A downhill prospect who finishes through contact, Poialii-Hunkin gets active on the glass on both ends of the floor. She has a high ceiling and will be one of the most sought after prospects with continued development. 

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