Day 2 was exciting as the weather was nice and cool however the main court was on fire with cream of the crop talent. I was assigned to the Dublin High School location which hosted the Platinum Division. Some of the teams in this division include Oakland Tech, Rosary Academy, Folsom, Sage Hill, St. Joseph, Edge Academy, and Sierra Canyon. Here are some of the prospects who caught my attention:

Izela Arenas 2024 5’9 Guard Sierra Canyon

The Louisville commit is an exceptional guard, possessing a remarkable basketball IQ, a versatile scoring ability across all three levels, and exceptional decision-making skills. With a deep roster of talented and athletic players, the Blazers are poised to contend for a National Title. Arenas stands as one of the pivotal pieces in the Blazers’ quest for National Royalty.

Kayla Borgelt 2024 5’7 Combo Guard Rosary

Borgelt excels at executing little things that her team needs to compete. As a versatile combo guard, she not only possesses the ability to score effectively from all three levels, but also demonstrates exceptional court awareness by setting up her teammates for scoring opportunities.

Avary Cain 2024 6’1 Combo Guard St. Joseph

The UCLA commit is one of my favorite prospects to watch compete. Cain is a big guard with Olympic athleticism and relentless motor. The Southpaw can handle the rock, score at all three levels, and defend at a high level. I predict she will be a future WNBA lottery pick. It is easy to become a fan of her game!

Allison Clarke 2024 5’10 Guard Rosary

Clarke possesses an intriguing talent as a versatile combo guard. She excels as a three-level scorer while also showcasing exceptional facilitation skills. Clarke’s court awareness, basketball IQ, and ability to move seamlessly without the ball are impressive.

Jhai Johnson 2026 6’3 Wing Oakland Tech

Johnson’s game continues to impress me. With her ongoing development, she possesses the potential to become a highly sought-after prospect at the high major level. Notably, she has made significant strides in her guard skills, enhancing her versatility by being able to effectively defend the perimeter and handle the basketball. Moreover, Johnson’s toughness enables her to protect the paint.

Emilia Krstevski 2026 6’5 Post Sierra Canyon

Krestevski is merely scratching the surface of her potential. As a genuine post player, she possesses the ability to occasionally hit the long ball, while also displaying fluidity in her mid-range and inside scoring skills. Krestevski’s dominance as a rim protector and rebounder is impressive. She impressed me with her hand-eye coordination and agility in running the floor.

Amalia Holguin 2026 5’10 Guard Sage Hill

Holguin possesses a promising future, evident through her exceptional basketball intelligence, proficient ball handling skills, ability to score effectively from all three levels, and unwavering determination to compete at the highest level. I urge college coaches to get involved early.

Kamryn Mafua 2024 6’2 Post Folsom

The Cal commit is a highly influential player who excels in protecting the paint through active shot-blocking and dominating the boards on both ends of the court. Opposing defenses can’t forget about her as she can score at all three levels. Mafua is one of my favorite post prospects in the 2024 class. 

Ify Nwaobi 2024 6’1 Wing Edge

Nwaobi is an intriguing wing prospect who possesses exceptional strength and athleticism. These physical attributes grant her remarkable versatility in defending both the wing and the paint. On the offensive end, she exhibits an impressive ability to finish plays and knock down three-point shots.

Kai Oani 2024 5’3 Point Guard St. Joseph

Oani has truly impressed me with her fearless approach. She exhibits exceptional skills as a point guard, showcasing a high basketball IQ, remarkable ball handling, and an impressive ability to score at all three levels. 

Mackenly Randolph 2024 6’0 Power Forward Sierra Canyon

Randolph is a dominant force in the interior. Once she receives the ball in the paint, she effortlessly scores or draws fouls. As a highly skilled power forward, she possesses a remarkable basketball IQ and excellent defensive capabilities. An impressive high major post prospect.

Jerzy Robinson 2026 6’2 Guard Sierra Canyon

Robinson is a rare talent that emerges only once in a generation. As a guard, Robinson leverages her strength and imposes her size to overpower opponents, allowing her to finish plays through physical contact. Moreover, she possesses remarkable scoring abilities from both mid-range and beyond the three-point line. Defensively, Robinson showcases impressive quickness, strength, and athleticism, enabling her to effectively guard players across all five positions. Additionally, she significantly contributes to her team’s success by dominating the glass on both ends of the court. Without a doubt, Robinson is a surefire WNBA lottery pick. 

Terri’A Russell 2026 6’1 Wing Oakland Tech

Russell is an exciting talent to observe due to her exceptional length and athleticism, which adds an exhilarating element to the game. As a defender, she possesses the remarkable ability to disrupt passing lanes and thrives in transition. Her opponents often struggle to match her relentless drive and energy. Overall, Russell is a highly promising prospect with tremendous upside.

Jordan Taylor 2024 5’8 Guard Oakland Tech

Taylor is an exceptional playmaker who often flies under the radar. She possesses an explosive talent that can ignite at any moment, catching opponents off guard. Taylor consistently proves her worth by delivering crucial shots and executing impactful defensive plays. Her ability to rise to the occasion makes her extremely valuable to her team.

Ella Uriarte 2024 5’9 Combo Guard Folsom

Uriarte is an underrated combo guard, possessing a remarkable basketball IQ, exceptional facilitation skills, and the ability to score at all three levels. Her game seamlessly complements her team, making her a key player in Folsom’s pursuit of a deep playoff run. I really like the one-two punch of her and Kamryn Mafua.

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