By: Jeff Williams

GC3 Hoops has been successful over the last few years in covering regional and national basketball events. The brand has had success in co-operating some of the top basketball events in Arizona and Hawaii. Nu Image Sports approached owner George Courtney and Event Director Eddie Meza with an opportunity that could not be passed up. 

Nu Image Sports plans to retain the name of GC3 Hoops and take over all event operations. “Eddie and George have done a phenomenal job in building some of the most respectable events in the region. We believe in the branding and were drawn to being a part of that,” Brittany Medeiros (CEO of Nu Image Sports). The deal will be finalized in the upcoming months. 

“We are based in the Northwest, so we plan to retain Eddie as the Event Director and have George in an advisory role. We know how hard both of them worked to build GC3 Hoops into one of the up and coming basketball platforms on the West Coast,” Brittany Medeiros. The full transition should be finalized by the late Fall of 2024. 

“I plan to focus on building a new media platform continuing the same things that I have been doing with print, social media, podcasts, and live broadcasting. I am excited for this merger and being able to focus more on my passion in promoting student athletes utilizing technology and digital marketing. I am confident the team at Nu Image will invest and elevate what Eddie has built over the last few years in operating events,” George Courtney.

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