The 23rd Annual West Coast Jamboree tipped off on Thursday, December 28, 2023 at various sites in the Tri-Valley Area in Northern California. I was able to cover some of the games at Chabot College which hosted the Emerald and Diamond Divisions. Both brackets were loaded with talented prospects from California, Texas, and Hawaii. My home state of Hawaii was well represented as the two top teams in Iolani and Kamehameha-Kapalama competed in the Diamond and Emerald Divisions respectively. Kamehameha’s second varsity team was also in attendance in the Quartz Division. Here are the prospects who stood out:

Yazmin Aguilera 2026 5’5 Guard Clovis

Aguilera is a highly skilled guard prospect who possesses the ability to score effectively from all three levels of the court. Her exceptional basketball IQ and creative scoring ability makes her a formidable force. One aspect that particularly impresses me is her ability to impact the outcome of the game during crucial moments. Aguilera’s game-changing plays in overtime have proven instrumental in propelling her team to victory over Harvard-Westlake.

Nihoa Dunn 2026 6’0 Forward Kamehameha-Kapalama

Dunn’s game continues to impress me as I witness her remarkable growth and improvement. She possesses the ability to score effectively from all three levels, while also demonstrating exceptional defensive skills in protecting the paint. Furthermore, she exhibits remarkable rebounding prowess on both ends of the court. Dunn’s basketball IQ is truly commendable, and she is steadily emerging as a highly promising low major plus prospect. College coaches need to get involved.

Valentina Guerrero 2026 6’0 Forward Harvard Westlake

Guerrero is an exceptional force on the court, adept at safeguarding the paint, dominating the boards, and effortlessly scoring inside. Her potential is undeniably bright, and as she continues to evolve, will be a solid prospect at the next level.

Angelina Habis 2027 5’9 Guard Harvard Westlake

Habis is a highly promising prospect who possesses the ability to make a significant impact on the stat sheet, by contributing to her team’s success in numerous ways. As a proficient guard, she cleans the glass well for her size and demonstrates exceptional scoring capabilities across at all three levels.

Justice Kekauoha 2027 5’7 Point Guard Iolani

Kekauoha is an exceptional floor general, possessing excellent ball-handling skills, slashing ability, and facilitation skills. Her most notable attributes include her exceptional defensive prowess, defending the entire length of the court, and her unwavering toughness. She is steadily establishing herself as one of the most talented players on the West Coast.

Layla King 2026 6-1 Forward St. Mary’s Academy

King possesses a remarkable skill set, characterized by her towering height and exceptional athleticism. Her prowess as a rim runner, combined with her ability to protect the rim and dominate the boards, truly stood out. Additionally, her court awareness and proficiency in scoring from inside the paint further solidifies her recruiting stock. It is worth noting that despite being a 2026 prospect, King exhibits potential and possesses a high ceiling for growth.

Tylie Kitchen 2025 5’11 Forward Whitney

Kitchen is a formidable force in the paint, excelling on both ends of the basketball court. Her exceptional footwork, high basketball IQ, polished post moves, and remarkable low post scoring ability make her a valuable asset to the team. Additionally, she greatly contributes by actively dominating the boards on both offense and defense.

Norret Lewis 2025 5’10 Wing McClatchy

Lewis is an exceptional athletic wing who exhibits remarkable physicality on the court. Her immense strength and unparalleled athletic ability render her an outstanding defender. Moreover, Lewis possesses the unique talent to score proficient at all three levels.

Elisa Ortega 2026 5’5 Point Guard Moreau Catholic

Despite falling short against a formidable Whitney team, Ortega left a lasting impression with her unwavering intensity. Her exceptional ability to handle the ball, defend, and score proficiently at all three levels truly stands out. I am impressed by her passion and relentless drive to compete at a high level. 

Rylee Paranada 2026 5’6 Point Guard Kamehameha-Kapalama

Paranada is an exceptional floor general who is under the radar. She possesses immense potential and serves as the coach on the floor, skillfully managing the team’s offense while also excelling on the defensive end. If the opposing defense forgets about her, she will strike and score from all three levels.

Harper Peterson 2024 6’4 Center Whitney

The Stanford commit proved to be a dominant force on the court. Peterson excels as a rim protector, a relentless rebounder, and a skilled low post scorer. Her exceptional abilities will undoubtedly make her a significant asset to her team’s successful playoff campaign.

Vanna Quintana 2024 5’9 Combo Guard Buchanan

I was truly impressed by Quintana’s remarkable ability to make a significant impact on both ends of the basketball court. Her exceptional basketball IQ enables her to consistently make the right play at the right moment. Not only is she a proficient scorer across all three levels, but she also possesses the skill to effectively facilitate the offense. 

Alyssa Saldana 2024 5-10 Combo Guard Chaminade

Saldana is an exceptionally skilled and crafty combo guard, boasting an elite skill set. Her basketball IQ is remarkably high, complemented by her exceptional ball handling and ability to score at all three levels. With her outstanding play and leadership, Chaminade is poised to have an exceptional season.

Jamia Sawyer 2025 5’7 Guard Salesian

Sawyer is a tenacious guard prospect with exceptional basketball IQ and a remarkable ability to score at the rim. She effectively utilizes her physicality to draw fouls and earn trips to the free-throw line. A solid guard prospect with tremendous upside.

Janiya Sawyer 2025 5’6 Combo Guard Salesian

Sawyer is a formidable downhill prospect who possesses the ability to score effectively from all three levels. Her exceptional ball-handling skills and aptitude for facilitating the game make her a versatile combo guard. Additionally, she is a promising prospect with significant potential for growth and development.

Sammy Schuler 2024 5’8 Combo Guard Whitney

Schuler possesses an exceptional basketball IQ and an innate feel for the game. I admire her ability to effectively facilitate the offense, skillfully handle the ball, and how she can get downhill and finish at the rim.

Kimora Akira Snell 2026 6’3 Forward Vanden

Snell is an intriguing post prospect, showcasing exceptional skills as a solid rim runner and a dominant force in the paint. Her low post scoring ability and remarkable rebounding prowess on both ends of the court make her a player worth closely monitoring. It is evident that Snell possesses tremendous potential, making her a promising prospect with a bright future ahead.

Kaela Stancil 2024 5’6 Guard McClatchy

I was truly impressed by Stancil’s skills. Her ability to score at all three levels of the game is impressive, but it is her finesse in maneuvering through the defense and finishing at the rim that truly sets her apart. Stancil is a solid combo guard with tremendous upside.

Notable Players to Watch:

Brinley Anderson 2027 6’0 Forward Buchanan

Kendall Dykstra 2025 5’9 Guard Whitney

Jayla Gilmer 2024 5’9 Guard Vanden

Cecily Hadd 2024 5’8 Guard Marin Catholic

Kaliya Kirkwood 2026 5’7 Wing Moreau Catholic

La’Miracle Lebon 2025 6’1 Center Vanden

Payton Montgomery 2026 6’1 Center Chaminade

Nyla McCoy 2025 5’6 Guard Moreau Catholic

Aloni Oliver 2024 5’7 Guard Buchanan

Ayla Rege 2024 5’7 Guard Salesian

Mele Sake 2024 6’1 Center Iolani

Sadie Sin 2026 5’3 Point Guard Clovis

Deana Thompson 2025 5’7 Guard Harvard Westlake

Ebbony Wilson 2025 5’9 Guard St. Mary’s Academy

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