Tucson has had a lot of talent in recent years. Coach Justin Delgado put together one of the premier programs in Southern Arizona. The Tucson Swarm has an amazing collection of middle school and high school prospects. The Swarm swarmed the Phoenix Valley at the Spring Warm Up and put the state on notice. Here are some of the players who stood out from the event:

Esabella Barajas 2026 5-7 Guard

Barajas is a solid low major prospect who has shifty quickness which allows her to be a problem for opponents on the defensive end. Offensively she displayed good scoring particularly being able to hit the long ball.

Annisten Bosley 2031 4’11 Point Guard

Bosley is a scrappy point guard with good handles. She navigates the court by utilizing her shiftiness to finish at the rim or dish to open teammates. One of my favorite guards in the 2031 class.

Ylena Gross 2027 5-3 Point Guard

Gross is a crafty point guard who can break down opponents to either score or facilitate from all three levels. I like her potential and upside. College coaches put this young lady on your radar as I expect her stock to climb into the Summer. 

Jayda Jordan 2028 6-0 Wing

Jordan is an athletic prospect who has a good motor and great guard skills. I believe she is one of the top prospects in the 2028 class as she has tremendous upside and potential. I am confident she will be a mid-major plus prospect over time. She is definitely one of the top 8th graders I saw at this event.

Klarissa Mendoza 2028 5-3 Combo Guard

Mendoza is a crafty guard with the skills and IQ to be effective from both guard positions. She thrives in getting downhill and finishing at the rim. I also like her ability to read the passing lanes and snag steals. A prospect with a bright future ahead of her.

Gabrielle Oliver 2025 5-9 Guard

Oliver is one of my favorite playmakers of the event. She utilizes her length and athletic ability to make plays on both ends of the floor. I like her desire to compete on both ends of the floor at all times. Another sleeper who will wake some college coaches up needing a playmaker and reliable defender. 

Rayanna Ortiz 2028 5-6 Guard/Forward

Ortiz is a solid wing who has a great basketball IQ. She can handle the rock and looks to go downhill to finish at the rim or facilitate open teammates. I am excited to follow this prospect’s career as she has a lot of upside.

Janae Pritchett 2025 5-3 Guard

Pritchett is one of my favorite sleeper prospects in the 2025 class. She has a good feel for the game and makes the right plays. I think a small college would benefit from her skillset as she competes at a high level.

Abigail Reidy 2030 5-1 Guard

Reidy is a guard with a tight handle who can score at all three levels. I was very impressed with her range. She will be a prospect to keep an eye on in the coming years. 

Daphne Safo 2027 5-10 Forward

Safo is an athletic playmaker who can play both forward positions. I was impressed with her ability to attack opponents by getting downhill and finishing at the rim. She has potential and upside which makes her an exciting prospect to follow into the Spring and Summer. 

Camila Villalobos 2025 5-10 Forward

Villalobos has the size and athleticism to be a matchup nightmare for unsuspecting opponents. She is a good rim runner who rebounds and protects the paint. I was impressed with her ability to trackdown offensive rebounds to turn it into 2nd chance scoring opportunities for her team.

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