GC3 Hoops + Wes Coast Communication + Sandra Day O’Connor + Basha + Prescott + Mountain Ridge = Monumental History for Women’s Basketball in the State of Arizona. The Grand Canyon Classic is an event where the focus is 100% Women’s Basketball. This event also creates increased awareness and marketing to improve opportunities for student athletes. 

Another accomplishment of the event includes the GC3 Network being able to launch its first live broadcast on the GC3 Hoops YouTube Channel plus exclusively cover the teams participating in the event through multiple media outlets. This event will continue to elevate as the team is already planning on expanding next year. Here are some of the top performers:

Bella Abt 2026 6-0 Forward Prescott

Abt is tough as nails and makes her presence known on the court with her playmaking ability. She has good inside and mid range scoring ability, cleans the glass, and is an enforcer in the paint but athletic enough to defend the perimeter. Abt will help propel her team into the 4A playoffs.

Kaliyahna Baldwin 2026 5-7 Guard Mountain Ridge

Baldwin is a game changer as she has the clutch ability to hit big shots during crucial parts of the game. A solid shooting guard, Baldwin can light it up if left open. She has a high ceiling for development as she is only a sophomore. She makes up a young core of Mountain Ridge as Coach Carreon has personnel to work with going into the future. College coaches keep an eye out on this young lady.

Grace Beckler 2026 6-0 Wing Basha

Beckler is an impressive prospect as she has potential to be a solid college prospect. She has good size and athleticism which helps her anchor the interior defense in protecting the rim. Beckler will be a prospect to keep an eye on as I am confident Coach Bright and staff will continue to help elevate her development.

Audrey Bhasania 2026 5-10 Wing Sandra Day O’Connor

Bhasania continues to impress as she shows maturity and improvement. A three level scorer, Bhasania knows how to utilize her length and size to attack smaller guards and wings. She also rebounds pretty well and defends. Bhasania is a solid mid-major prospect with tremendous upside.

Thalia Daniels 2024 6-0 Forward Sandra Day O’Connor

Daniels showed versatility to play inside and stretch the floor. Colleges looking for a big guard who can bully opponents around the court look no further. I am very impressed with her toughness, all around playmaking and scoring ability. The Eagles are one of my favorites to go deep in the playoffs because of Daniels’ leadership and toughness. She sets the tone!

Gloria Hines 2024 5-10 Forward Mountain Ridge

Hines is a sleeper prospect and I am sure college coaches from JUCOs and smaller schools will be interested in her services. She is an athletic forward who runs the floor, cleans the glass, and does the little things the team needs to be successful on both ends of the floor. Hines could be a good prospect over time with continued development.

Addie Prisciandaro 2026 5-5 Guard Prescott

I am convinced that Prisciandaro is a ninja. She quietly had 20 points in her team’s close loss to Mountain Ridge. Prisciandaro is a three level scorer who sneaks up on the competition on both ends of the floor. I am impressed as she is only a sophomore which gives her tremendous potential and upside.

Ava Schooler 2027 5-9 Guard Sandra Day O’Connor

Schooler is the real deal as she plays mature for only being a freshman. She has a high basketball IQ which allows her to be crafty on offense and defense. Schooler can slash and pull up from mid-range. She has a high ceiling and has the potential to be a solid mid-major prospect but her being only a freshman sky’s the limit. 

Rylie Sword 2024 5-6 Combo Guard Basha

Sword displayed her three level scoring ability, good handle, and IQ. She has a good motor, plays with heart and intensity. She provides good leadership skills to this team and will be the reason that the Bears have the chance to sneak into the 6A playoffs. She is another under the radar prospect with good upside.

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