The GC3 Hoops platform continues to elevate by expanding reach throughout the West Coast. I was able to make a trip to Las Cruces, New Mexico to scout big school action between Volcano Vista and Las Cruces. I was very impressed with the facilities at Las Cruces High School as it reminded me of college venues that I visited in the past. 

The game was exciting as Volcano Vista (currently the #1 team in New Mexico) squared off with Las Cruces. Lady Bulldawgs Coach Lori Selby did a phenomenal job with her team despite being the underdog. Attributing to her team’s competitiveness is Coach Selby’s passion and bench culture. It was refreshing to watch her motivate and encourage her team against a tough Volcano Vista squad. In the end, the Hawks outrebounded the Bulldawgs enroute to a 59-49 victory. Here are the prospects who stood out to me:

Lilliana Duncan 2024 5’6 Guard Volcano Vista

Duncan is an impressive athlete who can score from long range. She has great footwork and is extremely quick. The athletic guard plays a critical role in guarding the perimeter and hitting key shots. Duncan is such a versatile athlete that she earned scholarship opportunities in soccer. She committed to Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell, NM.

Mila Espinoza 2025 5’4 Guard Volcano Vista

Espinoza is a combo guard with a solid handle, midrange, finishing,and ability to facilitate. She has a great IQ and seems to make the right play at the right time. I like her anticipation on defense as she knows how to read the passing lanes to get steals. Overall I was very impressed with her vision and passing ability. A solid sleeper prospect for colleges to keep a tab on.

TT Hill 2024 6’0 Wing Volcano Vista

The Adams State commit is a force to be reckoned with. Hill is athletic, strong, and has great guard skills. She uses her size and strength to bully her way to the rim and finishes at the rim. Defensively she uses her physical tools to dominate the glass. She is a key piece to Volcano Vista’s state title quest.

Aaliyah Morales 2024 4’9 Point Guard Las Cruces

Morales is a solid floor general with a tight handle, good vision and passing ability. She also is a pesky defender. She has great energy and leadership skills. Despite her size, she makes up for it with determination, grit, and heart. One of the key contributors to the Bulldawgs success this season!

Janessa Navarette 2024 5’5 Guard Las Cruces

Navarette is a solid scoring guard who can slash, finish at the rim, hit mid-range shots, and has a good IQ and feel. Her motor and athletic ability can hinder opposite teams on both ends of the floor. A solid small college prospect with tremendous upside.

Bethzy Quinones 2025 5’4 Guard Las Cruces

Quinones impressed me with her playmaking ability. Her play compliments her team’s playing style well as she looks to slash to finish at the rim or pull up a mid-range floater. An aggressive guard who gets after it on the defensive end as well.

Ryan Rodriguez 2024 5’4 Shooting Guard Las Cruces My Miss Clutch Award of the Game goes to Rodriguez. She was able to hit some huge threes and make crucial plays in the closing of the 2nd half to keep her team nipping at the heels of Volcano Vista. Although their run fell short, Rodriguez competes hard and can convert long range shots. She’s one of the glue players on the Bulldawgs roster to watch out for especially from the perimeter, defenders beware.

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