The GC3 Spring Evaluation Period is coming to a close. Student athletes had opportunities to participate in two of the Spring’s best events in the Spring Warm Up and the Fab 100. The events were well attended by college coaches, regional, and national scouts. In evaluating the incoming freshmen class for the 2024-2025 school year, it is Arizona’s deepest class as it is filled with surefire division 1 talent. 

I can assure you that I have been putting in the work to track these athletes, watching, and evaluating them in person. I have countless hours and years of experience evaluating athletes on a National Level. I won’t just look up their stats on MaxPreps to create content or ghost write evaluations. To the rest of the scouts in Arizona, you’re welcome. Here is my Official Power 5 Arizona Class Rankings and Watchlist for the 2028 Class:

#1 Destinee Benway 5’8 Guard Undecided

Whichever high school lands Benway will definitely win the lottery as she is a foundation player where a coach can build around over the next four years. Benway is a surefire division one prospect who will be at least a mid-major plus. She can create her own shot, score from all three levels. What impresses me the most about her is her ability to make plays, compete at a high level against older competition, and her basketball IQ. It was a clear choice for her to be the #1 overall prospect.

#2 Serenity Hampton 6’0 Guard Undecided

Hampton is a big guard who will naturally play the shooting guard or small forward position. Her athletic ability is superior to other prospects in her class. A downhill prospect who utilizes her strength and athleticism to bully weaker opponents.  I like the way she uses her athleticism as an advantage on the defensive end. With continued development she will be a solid mid major player, possibly higher.

#3 Tessa Rhude 6’3 Wing Notre Dame Prep

Rhude is an intriguing prospect. She is playing up at 16U (Arizona Grind) and has been effective. She is a three level scorer who has a nice pull up mid range game. Rhude is active in the paint by cleaning the glass and blocking shots. In college, she will naturally play the wing position. I expect her to be a surefire d1 talent with potential to be a mid major or above with continued development and maturity. 

#4 Mariah Brownlee 5’11 Wing Millennium

Brownlee is one of my favorite prospects in the 2028 class. She possesses great length and superior athleticism. She thrives in getting down hill and finishing at the rim. Her anticipation, quickness, and length makes her a machine for deflections and steals. Playing a tough National Schedule at Millennium will help improve her stock. Another surefire division prospect to watch.

#5 Cherri Hatter 5’8 Guard Skyline Prep

Hatter is a solid guard with an elite skill set. She can handle the ball and navigate through traffic to either facilitate or score. A three level scorer with superb athletic ability, she will be a matchup nightmare for opposing guards on both ends of the floor. She did lead her team to a high school varsity state championship as an 8th grader. A surefire division 1 talent with a high ceiling.

2028 Watchlist

Jayda Jordan 6’0 Wing Ironwood Ridge

Mia Davis 5’9 Wing Sandra Day O’Connor

Sophia Davis 5’9 Wing Sandra Day O’Connor

Chaz Hatter 5’5 Guard Skyline Prep

Taylor Benally 5’6 Guard Flagstaff

Bella Franco 5’5 Guard Notre Dame Prep

Nani Haley 5’8 Guard Notre Dame Prep

Bella Quiroga 5’6 Guard Sunnyside

Ella Gauvin 5’11 Forward Sandra Day O’Connor

Rayanna Ortiz 5’6 Guard Sunnyside

Klarissa Mendoza 5’3 Combo Guard Sunnyside

Tylaiah Wily 5’4 Guard Undecided

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