The GC3 Hoops Platform is all about uncovering talent that many other evaluators and scouts fail to properly evaluate. In the 2nd rendition of the Next Up Series is talented wing Maci “MJ” Francis (2029). 

2029 Wing Prospect, MJ Francis was one of the standouts of last weekend’s GC3 Hoops Spring Warm Up held at Sandra Day O’Connor High School. In watching her game, she possesses good size, length, and athletic ability. I anticipate her to continue to grow and develop making her an intriguing sure fire division 1 prospect over time.

The changing recruiting landscape with the transfer portal will severely impact high school prospects in the coming years more and more. I can assure that college coaches will be keeping a tab on young talent earlier and earlier to increase their chances of landing one of these lottery prospects to build their programs. After input from multiple prominent college coaches, I have decided to supply the demand with the Next Up Series to assist coaches to recognize the Next Upcoming Prospects.

Evaluation: Francis uses her length and athleticism to be a match up nightmare for opponents. I project her to grow toward the 6’2 – 6’4 mark. Her ability to score at the low post and finish inside is impressive. I like her knack for cleaning the glass and protecting the paint. She competes hard on both ends of the floor and can guard the perimeter and inside. Francis thrives as a rim runner and I am looking forward to her developing her guard skills. I believe she has the potential to be a mid-major monster in the future.

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